About PSDC

The PSDC is a registered local and independent NGO (April 2012) and is financially supported by the World Bank including acting as host for the PSDC Secretariat.

The PSDC represents several private sector representative organizations including:
Altogether, the PSDC represents nearly 50,000 businesses across several provinces. Most of these businesses are from the trading, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture sectors. The PSDC has surveyed once a sample of these businesses to identify key constraints to doing business but has not yet set up a systematic process to involve them at key stages of its advocacy work. The PSDC is working on expanding membership to all business member organizations (BMOs) as well as reach out to the members of these BMOs. Founding members at the Steering Committee represent the following:
Based in Baghdad, the International Union of Businessmen in Iraq (IUB) aims at increasing the private sector’s contribution to the economy in Iraq by adopting innovative models that will increase its effectiveness, by enabling the investment environment and by contributing to the capacity of business people in their economic activities. The IUB works to provide its members the opportunity to attend study tours and conferences as well as make business contacts abroad. Services offered to its members include hosting and designing websites, DUNS and CCR registration. The IUB has 1,600 paying members inside and outside Iraq.
Established in 1926 the Basra Chamber of Commerce (BCC) is a professional economic organization which is financially and administratively independent.  It organizes commercial activity in the governorate, provides commercial consultation to merchants and contractors. More than 36,000 members are registered with the BCC of which 30,000 are paying members.
The Babil Chamber of Commerce (Babil CC) in Hilla, Babil province was established in 1949 by a group of private traders with the goal to organize and develop commercial and economic activity, support its members and study economic environment in the province and provide recommendations.  The Babil CC also cooperates with other chambers of commerce in Iraq, the Arab world and the broader international world to create opportunities for its members to participate in fairs and conferences. The Babil CC owns several properties, some of which are rented out. In 2011, over 5,000 businesses have registered or renewed their membership.
The Karbala branch of the Iraq Federation of Industries
The Iraqi Federation of Industries (IFI) was established in 1956 (law number 35) and presently works according to law 34/2002 which provisions that membership to IFI is optional for companies. The IFI is headquartered in Baghdad with offices and branches in every province in Iraq. Its mission is to support the Iraqi economy, encourage investment and create employment by promoting and increasing the performance of the private, mixed and cooperative industrial sector. More than 1,600 businesses are registered in Karbala of which 90 members have newly registered or renewed in 2011.
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