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How We Work

The Private Sector Development Center in Iraq (PSDC) will base its activities around five types of products and services:

  1. Advocacy
  2. Research
  3. Business Development Services
  4. Government Services
  5. Capacity Building

Advocacy products and services will include:

  • Formal, systematic dialogue with Government
  • Written reform proposals in a standard and recognizable format
  • Regular written issue updates to stakeholders
  • Media campaigns including newspaper and TV
  • IT-based advocacy through the PSDC website and email

Research products and services will include:

  • Surveys - including an annual survey of a sample of PSDC members which is presented at a public event to increase the PSDC's visibility.
  • Focus groups of businesses which are members of PSDC organizational members, for the purpose of better understanding their needs and constraints and as feedback on the impact of reforms implemented.
  • Research to inform Working Group discussions, to include country comparisions and good practice lessons from elsewhere.
  • Background analytical reports to explain reform issues.
  • Ongoing opportunity for readers of the PSDC website to contribute reform proposals online.

Business Development Services: the PSDC will pursue delivery of these services indirectly by linking existing BDS providers with PSDC members. The PSDC leaves open the poosibility to provide BDS services in the future.

Government Services: are not a near term PSDC priority but may include research and capacity building. A more general message with Government will be to reinforce how their involvement in a public-private dialogue platform can improve the quality and transparency of their decision making.

Capacity Building Services: will be targeted to private sector organizations and will include:

  1. training in research and communications/advocacy;
  2. and workshops to plan and review advocacy activity.


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