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Instructions Amendment of construction companies and contractors classification

PSDC assisted by the World Bank is presenting proposals and recommendations concerning classification instructions of construction companies and contractors to the Iraqi Ministry of Planning, basing their proposals on the principle that the laws which regulate the private sector must guarantee government's goals achievement when imposing the minimum cost and financial burden on the private sector. In addition to this, they should be easy to understand and that ministries should have the resources and the capacity to manage the laws that guarantee the achievement of their goals.
PSDC met with the head of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Planning, which talked about starting online applications project to process applications and forwarded them to the concerned authorities for classification purposes as a way to avoid suspicious activities.But still, Ministry of Planning needs software support and coordination with other concerned authorities in order to complete the process online.
Also, PSDC proposed that the contractor subcontracts works should be count within the contractor achieved works, because they add history to the contractor and because Current Classification doesn’t protect the subcontractor. Also PSDC pointed to the government current tenders gaps and the best ways to prepare them to avoid bargaining and bribes.
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