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Private Sector Engagement for Good Governance Workshop

PSDC attended a workshop hosted by the World Bank in the DeadSea about promoting Economic Development and Good Governance through Public-Private Dialogue .
The workshop Emphasized on the importance of public private dialogue as a growth discovery mechanism, as a crisis detection mechanism, as a post-crisis resolution platform, and as governance mechanism to ensure inclusion, fairness, transparency and accountability. It helps the government to set priorities, increase competitiveness, expand the space for visible reforms, and fight collusion. 
Also, they discussed work good implementation through coordination, continuality, comprehensive progressive planning, assessment, advice, surveys to unify the views and the media use for their discussing, reviewing and implementation beside the strong focus on targeted reforms, organizing them in a simple and clear way and how to use strong persuade way, process mentoring and continuous assessment.
Than they explained the manageable risks which are involved in the dialogue between the two sectors, which are represented by promoting interests, lack of budgetary, sustainability and the rely on one effective person and ways out of the risks.Then, it was emphasized on the importance of accessing to other successful experiences to get the best results.
Also, it was referred to the PSDC role, his staff, facilities offered to him, current activities, and the best steps to implement them through letters, emails, website, media conferences, talk shows, workshops and reconnaissance messages and others, as well as the obstacles which they face and the best ways to overcome them.
The workshop included couple exercises, training applications and views exchange, ending it with giving certificates to the participants.
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