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Steering Committee

The founding members of the PSDC and members of the Steering Committee are:
Chairman of the Steering Committee: Mr. Khalid Mahdi
Mr. Khalid Mahdi’s background is within the SME sector in Iraq, the UK, Jordan and has worked in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana. He is a proactive and resourceful executive with extensive experience gained within commercially oriented, competitive environments. He has worked in different capacities with Pioneer Air Systems Inc, i2 (Itsalat International), as a consultant to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) based in Kurdistan, Iraq and other SMEs in the FMCG sector.
Deputy Chairman of the Steering Committee: Dr. Hameed Al-Ukaby

Chairman of International Businessmen Federation in Iraq, founder of Arab Businessmen Federation “Iraqi Branch”, Owner of Paints Production Company, member of the Advisory Board of Commerce Chambers Federation, member of Fine Artists Association, member of  Arabic Commerce and Industry Chamber - Germany – Berlin, founder member of the Transparency Convention (United Nations Ten Commandments), member of the Iraqi Business Council in Egyptian, Indian, Singapore, Oman, and Russia, founder member of the Private Sector Development Department in the Iraqi Ministry of Trade, chairman of the Iraqi Business Council in Lebanon.
Participated in hundreds of investment, business, commerce, economic and press conferences in Washington, Europe, and most of the Arabic countries.
 Chairman of Business and Finance Magazine, published number of books, researches and articles in the field of economy and business receiving many appreciation awards for his activities.
The other members of the steering committee include:
Mr. Ayad Radhi Hassan

            Consultant engineer, economist activist, businessman, previous Basra Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Owns and runs Almuhandes General Contracting Company, Iraqi-Indonesian Business Board Chairman, member of the Federation Chambers of Commerce, member of the Federation of Iraqi businessmen, member of the Iraqi Contractors Union since 1991, participated in several economic conferences in the Middle East and European countries, and have many business partnerships in Europe and Gulf countries.

Mr. Haidar Al-Mamoury
Mr. Haidar Al-Mamoury is a board member of the Babil Chamber of Commerce and has participated in many economic and construction conferences around the world. Mr. Haidar also has his own private contracting and construction company.
Mrs. Hadeel Hassan
Female lawyer with extensive experience and skills, very highly respected with a strong network of clients and contacts facilitating her work. She has specialist practical experience in both US and international law. She re-opened and managed the Iraq branch of Al-Tamimi & Co., the largest law firm in the Middle East.
She represented major international companies entering Iraq involving multi-billion dollar projects, formalizing bids, liaising with relevant ministries and handling litigation, contract, tax, insurance and employment issues for clients. Her work has encompassed the banking, telecommunications, construction and oil and gas sectors.
Graduated from the Business and Administration College at Mustansiriyah University in 1987, she holds a bachelor in law from Baghdad University and a master degree from Clements University. In 2001 she was admitted to the Baghdad Bar Association.
Besides being PSDC steering committees member, she is member of the steering committees of Ministry of Industry and Minerals for the formation of Iraq Industrial Strategy, member of the International Business Council of Iraq, former Chair of the US-Iraq Dialogue Committee (2008-2011).
Mrs. Hawra Al-Kanani
Karbala Industries Federation Chairwoman, member of the Iraqi Portuguese Business Council representatives, member of Karbala Renovation Strategy Approach Committee for the years 2010 -2014, and member of Seeking Private Sector Available Investment Opportunities in the Investment Commission. Received many appreciation certificates in investment and commerce development field.
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